Our South Kaipara Community Patrol is made up of local people like you, who are willing to give some of their time to help patrol our streets. From as little as just three hours a month, our volunteers are dedicated and committed with taking on a little bit of the responsibility to help make our community a safer place to live.

Do you want to work alongside New Zealand Police to help build a safer community?
Community Patrols of New Zealand are making a real difference and we need you to help.
The more volunteers we have, the more patrols we can do!

You can join Community Patrols New Zealand and help patrol our South Kaipara District by:
clicking the link below or you can contact the Helensville Police Station on 09 420-8967, 8 Rimu St and talk to our Community Constable.


What is Community Patrols of New Zealand?

  • Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) is a national organisation that was formed in 2011.  It supports over 100 community patrols with some 4000 members throughout New Zealand affiliated to the national body.
  • Community Patrols are owned and organised locally by their own committees and are sometimes operated under an umbrella group.
  • Community Patrol members are volunteers.  They are not additions to, or replacements for the New Zealand Police but work alongside police as extra “eyes and ears” to assist in building safer communities.
  • Community Patrols are independent from the Police although they may receive Police guidance and training.
  • Community Patrol volunteers are subject to the law as is any private citizen.
  • Community Patrols and their volunteers maintain their own identity and affiliation distinct from the Police and are not authorised to use Police insignia or other identification that may lead the public to think they are Police.


So what does a Community Patrol Volunteer do?

The role of the Community Patrol Volunteer is to assist the Police.  We do this by:

  • Acting as eyes and ears for the Police.
  • Undertaking surveillance and observation.
  • Taking notes, recording and gathering information.
  • Assisting when asked at accident scenes.
  • Watching out for stolen cars.
  • Patrolling the streets in vehicles.
  • Patrolling residential, business and industrial areas.
  • Reporting signs of suspicious activity.